Got Dense Breasts?

How do you know if you have dense breasts? What does it mean?  For me, it meant nothing but just a note stating that I had them.  Little did I know that breast density is one of the strongest and most prevalent risk factors for breast cancer.  So, even though I got a normal mammogram for 13 years, I was never informed that mammograms can be harder to read in women with dense breasts than in women with fatty breasts.

Not until I was diagnosed with a walnut sized tumor did I become informed that dense breast tissue appears white on a mammogram and so does cancer!  Because of this, my mammogram was less sensitive and did NOT pick up my tumor.

Interestingly, breast density assessments are largely subjective, and studies show wide variation from one doctor to another. Some radiologists may even disagree with their own assessments year to year.

What if there was a solution for doctors to evaluate breast density more accurately and reliably?  Now there is: PowerLook Density Assessment is the world ‘s first and only multi-vendor deep learning algorithm for standardizing breast density assessment.  This leading-edge software simplifies and standardizes breast density reporting, with accurate, reliable, and reproducible results.

It is so important to know your breast density. Currently 38 states require some form of density reporting and the FDA has proposed requiring breast density reporting to both patients and referring health providers. Take control over your breast health and ask your doctor if they are using cutting-edge software like PowerLook Density assessment so you can feel completely confident in your mammogram results.

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