Understanding Your Mammogram

So, you think you are all set and situated just right to get the images taken during your mammogram. Yes, you are a bit uncomfortable, but you will only be in this awkward, somewhat painful position for a few minutes while the machine gets just the right pictures of your breasts. But does the machine and your radiologist have enough clarity to see the WHOLE picture?

This was not the case for me at all! I got normal mammograms for over 13 years, yet I was diagnosed with a walnut sized tumor. Even the year I was diagnosed my mammogram came back normal — how does that happen? I did receive a note saying “normal but with extremely dense breasts,” but I never thought twice about it and honestly, I had no idea what having dense breasts meant and nobody EVER explained this to me.

For years, I got a 2D mammogram because I had no family history of breast cancer, and I never knew that a 3D mammogram would give the radiologist more clarity, but it does!

3D mammography offers women several benefits compared to 2D mammography, including improved cancer detection, with fewer false positives.

So, what if your radiologist could take a closer look at your results with even more accuracy, like having a second set of eyes! Wouldn’t that be reassuring? What if there was technology to help your radiologist could see more clearly through very dense tissue?

That is what ProFound AI can do!

ProFound AI is the first FDA cleared 3D tomosynthesis software using artificial intelligence. It rapidly and accurately analyzes each 3D mammogram image, giving your radiologist a deeper insight to your mammogram. This revolutionary technology was clinically proven in a large study to improve accuracy and efficiency for radiologists, which can ultimately help them find cancers sooner. ProFound AI was also found to help to reduce false negatives and unnecessary recalls, which can be extremely stressful for women. So, when you go in for your next mammogram-be sure to ask them to get a CLOSER LOOK. Ask if they are using ProFound AI. This cutting-edge technology is now available, and I want EVERY WOMAN to know this and ask for it!

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