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Nila H. Alsheik, MD

Section Chief, Division Breast Imaging. Co-Medical Director, Advocate Caldwell Breast Center

Nila H. Alsheik MD is currently the Chair of Breast Imaging Medical Directors at Advocate Aurora Health and the Radiology Director of the Breast Center at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Chicago.

“It is a privilege of a lifetime to be a medical advisor for the Learn Look Locate community, which seeks to empower and educate women worldwide with the knowledge and emotional support to make the best decisions for their health and future. Even in this day and age, there can be significant variations in cancer diagnostics and therapeutics, which can negatively impact one’s treatment course. Learn Look Locate seeks to bridge knowledge gaps to allow for patients and their families to advocate for the care most ideally suited for their unique conditions. I feel honored to walk alongside the tremendously courageous survivors and their loved ones in this community.”