I didn’t! There are so many! What did you decide to do? Are you happy with your choice? Please share to help others. This is a very big decision. ⁠⁠
So honored to feature my dear friend Erin on how fabulous she feels with her choice to remain flat-Aesthetic Flat Closure-YES-this is a choice-I did not know about, was not presented to me-how about you? ⁠

War•ri•or /⁠
a brave or experienced soldier or fighter /⁠

“Stand up and show the world who you are. Enjoy the freedom that comes from self-acceptance and self-love. You are worthy of it!⁠

You cannot change the past. It is done. Leave it behind you, rather than allowing it to anchor you in place and keep you from moving forward. There is hope in looking forward and freedom in letting go. You deserve to have both. If I can do it, so can you!⁠

I was stage one and did not have to think twice about it. I wanted them both off. I found the lump in my left breast in the shower mid-July and bilateral mastectomy surgery was August 13th. Best decision of my life! I am honored to be a part of this!”⁠

—ERIN, Stage 1 – Ohio⁠