Did you know there is a test to tell you if you need chemo?

You hear the words “you have breast cancer” and for me, the first thing I wanted to know was DO I NEED CHEMO? I started thinking about what wigs I was going to get and when I would shave my head to have some sense of control of this very scary diagnosis. ⁠

Once I told people about my diagnosis, people shared stories but the most important thing somebody shared with me was that there are test called genomic assays like MammaPrint that would help me determine whether I would need chemo! ⁠

I was so empowered and asked my breast surgeon for the test right away! I think we need to tell anyone we know who is diagnosed with breast cancer that there are tests like MammaPrint that can help us understand our cancer diagnosis better and be more empowered about what is happening to us. ⁠

I have found that unless you know someone that has gone through breast cancer and knows about this test it is hard to be informed about it! ⁠

⁠How can this guide therapy. Combining the information from your MammaPrint test with clinical factors like your cancer stage or tumor size, your doctors can help you decide on the most appropriate and effective⁠ therapy. You may find out you don’t need radical treatments that often come with the life-long side effects.⁠

MammaPrint is one of the genomic tests that can help give your doctors a more accurate, comprehensive overview of your tumor’s behavior, so you can make better decisions throughout your journey to recovery. I am so glad I asked for a MammaPrint test and that a survivor told me too! Spread the word! For more information about MammaPrint visit YOUR TUMOR page on www.learnlooklocate.com

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