I recently saw Jo’s post on ” Why Me?” and it sure did hit home-I wanted to share with all of you because it really is a great way for all of us to connect on this question that I think most of feel-do you have ask yourself this question, I know I do! Thoughts from Jo in the United Kingdom: ” Do any of you Breast Cancer Bods out there frequently think, WHY ME? It often plays on my mind. Sadly for some of us its genetic and there is a family history of BC. Having that knowledge must be a scary prospect but knowing can also have its benefits (if benefits is a word to use when talking about cancer). At least if we know we can take preventative measure and get tested regularly. I have no history of it in my family, although my Dad had Prostate cancer and my Aunty had Hodgkins Lymphoma. Thankfully both are OK now, but I do wonder could there be a link between these and my Breast Cancer? Diet…..did I eat the wrong things? Too much sugar? (I do have a sweet tooth!) Did I drink too much when I worked overseas?!?! Stress…..can this be a contributing factor? I suffered 2 traumatic events before diagnosis. 1 awful relationship breakup and a terrible accident. My breast reduction…..did this disrupt or upset anything underlying inside my boobs? I could question myself over and over…..no one really has the answers…….just bad luck on my part! I am thankful that I found my lump and acted on it. My story could have been a very different one If I’d have left it. Please, please check yourselves regularly and know your normal.