Taking Care of Yourself

Breathe, because I never truly did until I heard those four words, “you have breast cancer!”

How is it that those 4 most powerful words put together can force you to truly breathe and feel every bit air flowing throughout every part of your body?

For me, it was because I was not breathing, not literally, but I was on pure auto pilot. I worked, felt pressure, worked out, kept a tight schedule and was basically on auto pilot, until suddenly I was faced with my own mortality.

Even though I ate well and exercised blah, blah it still did not matter because when you are not truly breathing, relaxing, enjoying, laughing and being at ease (not dis-ease) the body knows!!

So now more than ever, I tune in and make sure I am doing everything I can to breathe, not stress, appreciate the sweetness of life and experience gratitude as often as possible. I now believe all of this NEW way of living/breathing is medicine for the soul and it needs to be taken in often. ⁠