Breast Cancer Friendships are like No Other…

Immediate, authentic, loyal, comforting…kindred spirits

From my dear friend, Judi:⁠
“When you are first diagnosed you feel along, terrified, scared & angry. Your friends try but their lives go on; you feel adrift. You have your healthcare team but they are not there day & night & your family loves you but they just don’t know how to help. Then you meet these incredible people. You don’t feel so alone & they don’t judge & you let your fragile soul feels safe in their hands. It doesn’t matter that you don’t know these souls long but they come & rescue you & the bond is incredible, beautiful & for a lifetime. It is a friendship bond that is unique, having someone else who understands this journey is a lifesaver. You can’t believe that is this terrible diagnosis is what brought you to each other-true kindred spirits-a deep sisterhood that is somewhat hard to describe.”

“A bond like no other” My dear friend Kim⁠

I have met so many wonderful, amazingly strong women on this journey-thank you for your kindness, your love, your patience, your acceptance, your understanding it truly is a universal connection that is one of the strongest types of friendships I have ever experienced.⁠

Have you made new friends because of breast cancer?”