Meet Beth- Stage 3 TNBC

There’s no way around it, cancer is devastating. It interrupts your plans, your relationships, your physical and mental health. And no one is discriminated against – cancer can affect anyone and everyone.

It’s easy to fall into the downward spiral of wondering “why is this happening to me?” I’d even say it’s a normal part of the grieving process.

But if you can shift that downward spiral to a neutral “what is this teaching me, or what can I learn from this?” then your entire perspective can change. I’m not talking some ridiculous cAnCeR enLiGhTeNmEnT program. I mean lessons learned that truly improve you.

I’ve learned that friendships and amazing memories can be forged in the unlikeliest circumstances.

I’ve learned to say no to activities that don’t interest me, and to protect my energy for those that do.

I’ve learned to step away from people and relationships that cost me more than they give back.

I’ve learned to book that trip, take that risk, and stop putting off my dreams, because I may never have that opportunity again.

Your lessons may be different from mine. But I challenge you to give it a try and see how your perspective changes.

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