Stage 2, Portugal

“I’m Beatriz, also known as “Lady Bea” from the brand new project “Lady dos Lenços”.
“Lenços” is the Portuguese word for scarves.”

I was diagnosed with breast cancer January this year right through the worst moment of the pandemic in Portugal but hopefully everything went well! I stated chemo on February and tomorrow I have my 8th session of 16.Two weeks ago I created the project, Lady dos Lenços where I send without any costs scarves to ladies going through chemo and that lost their hair, like me. ( Portugal only )I thought since I would not spend money in hairdressers and beauticians soon, I could give them this little self esteem treat for free. Portugal population is of 10.800 inhabitants. I wanted this project to involve everyone so I decided to have tutorials on how to wrap your scarf, both for ladies with cancer and without.

And it o worked! Everyone is super engaged! The page was a success! Second day I already had an invitation to go to national tv and with that, many people willing to donate with scarves and requesting theirs. In two weeks of project I had 60 requests.

My moto is, the cancer does not define me . I have cancer but I still can feel pretty to go out the trash or the supermarket. I’m 33, this will change my life but not my self. I want to be a case of success- til then , making ladies prettier !