Anti-Estrogen Therapy – 5 More Years?

I want to empower you with this incredible test called Breast Cancer Index! Not many people know about this test that can provide you with personalized information about your anti-estrogen therapy and your risk of recurrence.- I had no clue about it until I started my work with Learn Look Locate so I wanted to share it with you!

The Breast Cancer Index test helps you understand whether you will benefit from being on anti-estrogen therapy for 5 more years or not.

Did you know that some women may benefit from 5 years of anti-estrogen therapy, while others may benefit from a full 10 years? How do you #FindYourFinish? It starts with the Breast Cancer Index test (BCI)! BCI tells women with early-stage, HR+ breast cancer two very important pieces of information. 1. What is your risk of recurrence in years 5 through 10? 2. Are you likely to benefit from anti-estrogen therapy after the 5 year mark? With this information, you and your care team can decide the best length of treatment for YOU. Ask your doctor about it! Advocate for yourself to know your risk of recurrence and find your finish to anti-estrogen therapy.